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heartburn lifestyle changes

Lifestyle Changes May Be the Future of Heartburn Relief

According to new research, lifestyle changes can make an even bigger difference for heartburn than previously thought. The study examined information from over 42,000 women and showed that five specific lifestyle factors can have a significant impact on heartburn.
Posted by Alicia Betz on April 21, 2021
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3M combat earplugs trial

3M Combat Arms Version 2 Earplug Trials are Underway

For those affected by the faulty 3M earplugs, the long anticipated trials are beginning. The lawsuits claim that these devices failed to adequately protect soldiers’ ears.
Posted by Alicia Betz on April 11, 2021
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why healthy living hard

Everyone Wants To Live A Healthy Lifestyle — Why Is It So Hard?

No matter how much you read about getting healthy and getting to a healthy weight, it can be tough to stay consistent.
Posted by Amanda Turner on April 7, 2021
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living with IC

What It's Like to Struggle with Interstitial Cystitis

We talked to three women who suffer from interstitial cystitis (IC) to hear what it's really like to live with it.
Posted by Alicia Betz on April 6, 2021
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hernia mesh lawsuit

Alternatives to Hernia Mesh Surgery

Hernia mesh surgery is common, which leads many people to believe it is the only option, however there are alternative available as well
Posted by Alicia Betz on April 4, 2021
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care for health in 2021

The Importance of Caring For Your Health in 2021

Covid-19 kept us home in 2020 and is likely to continue doing so in 2021 however it important to return to annual health visits
Posted by Laura Lifshitz on April 1, 2021
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OSHA regulation

OSHA Should Keep Workers Safe But It Needs More Manpower

Established in 1971, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was developed to keep employees safe at work. Today however the administration is severely understaffed.
Posted by Amanda Turner on May 5, 2021
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international women's day 2021

International Women's Day 2021: An Equal Future

March 8 is international Women’s Day and this year the theme is “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world,”
Posted by Jordana Neeman on March 7, 2021
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nursing home abuse lawyer

Signs of Senior Loneliness

At some point or another, everyone is touched by loneliness. But for seniors, the greater concern can and should be the toll that enduring loneliness can take
Posted by Sharon Brandwein on February 10, 2021
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birth injury lawyer

How to Help Your Child with Cerebral Palsy Thrive

Cerebral Palsy, a condition affecting movement, balance, and posture, can range from mild to severe. When you learn your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, it’s normal to cycle through a wide range of emotions, and ultimately, every parent wants their child to thrive.
Posted by Alicia Betz on January 20, 2021
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construction injury lawyer

7 Ways To Prevent Accidents On Construction Jobs

Construction sites can’t be completely foolproof, but employers and employees alike can take preventative measures to make safety a priority while on the site each day.
Posted by Laura Lifshitz on January 5, 2021
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oil rig maritime injury

Common Issues And Accidents Faced By Oil Riggers

Being an oil rigger can certainly pay off with free training—no schooling required—and a handsome paycheck. The issue with oil rigging is the fact that this work can be very dangerous
Posted by Laura Lifshitz on December 29, 2020
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3m trials

3M Hit With $7.1 Million Verdict At End Of First Earplug Trial

On Friday April 30th A federal jury in Florida found 3M liable for hearing damage and awarded the plaintiffs a $7.1 million verdict, most of it punitive damages.
Posted by Jordana Neeman on May 4, 2021
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talcum ovarian cancer lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Lawsuit: $3.9 Billion Now Earmarked For Settlements

The company has earmarked $3.9 billion in preparation for talc-related settlements and expects to face at least 25,000 lawsuits.
Posted by Amanda Turner on March 14, 2021
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paragard IUD lawsuit

Paragard IUD Lawsuit: Important Updates February 2021

If you are not familiar with the ParaGard IUD lawsuit here is a brief recap of the case and new developments taking place.
Posted by Jordana Neeman on February 16, 2021
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Elmiron Lawsuit: Important Updates January 2021

The Elmiron Lawsuit is a relatively new mass tort lawsuit and is still in its early stages of development. However in the last few months things have begun to pick up speed and the case is making its way towards trial.
Posted by Jordana Neeman on February 7, 2021
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divorce lawyer

7 Signs It’s Time To Get A Divorce

“Happily ever after” is a myth we were all led to believe, but the truth is, there’s really no such thing. 
Posted by Sharon Brandwein on January 30, 2021
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Bankruptcy Lawyer

Is Bankruptcy Right For You?

You may be considering filing for bankruptcy to alleviate the financial pressure and debt you have piling up. We can help you make the best decision whether to file for bankruptcy or not.
Posted by Laura Lifshitz on January 26, 2021
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We are here to help you and loved ones advocate for justice. Feel free to send us any questions you might have, either about an injury or the process for pursuing justice so we can help you exercise your rights.

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