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selectlove acts of kindness
Laura Lifshitz
February 9, 2021

Since we want to start 2021 with a fresh new attitude and air of gratitude, we’re having a contest (#selectlove) honoring acts of kindness and inspired by Random Acts of Kindness Day!

If you know a deserving person who was extremely kind in 2020, showing compassion, kindness and help to others, please nominate this special person. 2 lucky winners will receive an Amazon gift card.

To inspire your nominations and also lift your spirits, here are 8 random acts of kindness that happened in 2020, plus some suggestions of who to nominate!

1. Comedian Fills the Tank

Detroit-based comedian, Carlos “HaHa” Davis, saw a woman struggling to pay for gas with just pennies, so he decided to pay for her. As he did this gracious act, he learned she was also grieving the loss of her husband. His small act brought some sunshine to her stressful and sad time.

2. Cop Forgives a Shoplifter

When Officer Lima responded to a shoplifting call, he let the shoplifter go upon learning the “thief” was a mother trying to provide a Christmas dinner for her family, but couldn’t due to recent job loss. This Massachusetts cop gave back good by buying her gift cards to get groceries at another location, and refusing to file charges against her.

3. NJ Congressman Cleans Up

After the attack on the Capitol, the place was a literal wreck. NJ Congressman Andy Kim, who was there at the Capitol to vote to certify President Biden as the next president, decided to help clean up the place.

4. A Food Drive in Flight

Kind airline representatives at Orlando International Airport in Florida organized a food drive to help TSA, Customs and Federal Aviation Administration workers who were working only on partial pay due to the shutdown in 2020

#selectlove kindness

5. Community Fans the Flame for a Local Family

When the Mojica family lost their home and all their belongings (including the 2 family dogs) in a Christmas Eve fire, the community rallied by their side. A local NJ organization, the Fucile Foundation, helped raise $84K in just days after the fire.

6. Mask –Making Grandma Sews Kindness Along to the Beatles

Teresa Provo, a Beatles fan, used her time wisely to make 600 masks for her family and other loved ones around the United States during the beginning of the pandemic. She used the music to inspire her, offering a little bit of kindness from state-to-state!

7. Golden Arches Acts Golden

A local Florida 15- year old boy with Autism, Devon Winters, was obsessed with McDonald’s and those “golden arches.” Drawing them since he was a boy, he loved his local McDonald’s in Panama City, Florida, and was upset when the building was destroyed by Hurricane Michael. When Tim and Tracy Johnstone, who own seven restaurants, heard about him, they brought Devon into his local McDonald’s to experience being an employee for the day. But the real kicker came this holiday:

The owners surprised the family members with a new car to help get Devon to school, doctors and more!

8. Together, We Gave More

And these cool individuals and organizations weren’t the only ones to give back!

According to research done by nonprofit organization, OptionB, 90% of surveyed participants supported others this year “by doing things like calling, texting, sending a care package or helping with errands.”

That’s a lot of kindness!

Who To Nominate?

Need some ideas on who to nominate for the winner of our Random Acts of Kindness contest?

Consider these ideas:

  • Local doctors, EMT’s and hospitals that handled the pandemic well, despite diminishing supplies and understaffing
  • Local organizations that went above and beyond for others during this difficult year
  • Friends, coworkers and family members who may have done something significant to help you or someone you know
  • Anyone in the mental health, retiring living, adult community or healthcare space who contributed something significant to help others in 2020


Our Contest is now over. We thank everyone for participating


Laura Lifshitz
February 9, 2021

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