Our Expertise

We ensure that injured people are aware of their legal rights and how to take action. We have over 12 years of experience in successfully advocating for injured people in the following areas

Medical Malpractice

Any time a healthcare professional abandons established medical practices,
there is potential for permanent patient injuries.

Birth Injury Lawsuits

When a mother or child is injured or disabled during the birthing process, there may be negligence or recklessness involved.

Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuits​

Pursuing any justice for reckless treatment that resulted in a traumatic brain injury faces time limitations. Explore the reasons why.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits​

Victims of mistreatment and abuse in nursing care facilities that resulted in any suffering have reason to pursue justice.​

Dangerous and Defective Products

Many big companies knowingly deceive users about life-threatening
and harmful side-effects that result from using a product.

Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuits

J&J knowingly hid the cancerous effects of talcum powder for decades. Now affected people are fighting back for compensation.

Roundup Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Lawsuits​

People suffering cancer after regularly using Roundup are joining others pursuing compensation for criminal corporate acts.​

Combat Earplug Hearing Loss Lawsuits

Many military veterans who used defective combat earplugs suffered hearing damage. The wrongdoers are now in the crosshairs.​

Employer Negligence​

Whenever an employer fails to protect their staff from harm workers experience a negative impact due to this negligence.

Maritime Injury Lawsuits

Maritime employees that suffered accidents or injuries on the job may have compensation claims for unsafe work environments.​

Sexual Harassment Lawsuites

Any offensive or sexual actions and comments experienced while on the job may entitle victims to compensation for harassment.​

Construction Accident Lawsuits

When worker safety and protection isn’t supervised in dangerous environments, companies are liable for employee injuries.​

How Does Select Justice Help

We are an advocacy group and we are here to help you and loved ones fight for justice. Our services are free of charge and we use our expertise to help injured people understand and exercise their rights by discussing their situations and referring them to qualified law firms within our network.
Feel free to send us any questions you might have about an injury or what the process for pursuing justice involves so we can help you exercise your rights. Visit our About us page to learn more about what we do and how we can help you.