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7 Ways To Prevent Accidents On Construction Jobs

Laura Lifshitz
January 5, 2021

With Construction jobs pulling in thousands of injuries and deaths each year, it can be a hazardous job. OSHA reported that in 2018 alone, one out of every five worker deaths in the private industry were in construction. And that four particular accidents alone, called the “Fatal Four” (falls, struck by object, electrocution and caught-in/between something) were the cause for over half of those deaths in 2018. 

Construction sites can’t be completely foolproof, but employers and employees alike can take preventative measures to make safety a priority while on the site each day. After all, it is the employers’ job to provide as safe an atmosphere as possible in which to work in, and the employee’s job to take the best steps to protect oneself as well as coworkers on the job. 

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Here are 7 different ways to help prevent accidents on construction sites:

1- Check Equipment

Working with faulty machinery can be a sure way to get in an accident! This is especially true on construction sites. Always check that the equipment is in good working order and maintained. If there is an issue with the equipment, it needs to be reported to your superior right away. 

2- Have Safety Measures in Place

You can’t be safe on the job if you don’t have procedures to follow in order to keep yourself and your coworkers and/or employees safe. The team should meet on a regular basis as well to discuss safety procedures, as well as propose new ones if a particular job site poses an additional hazard not discussed previously. New employees should always be brought up to speed and never put on the job without safety training!

3- Wear Proper Safety Gear

You’re never too cool, too young or too old to NOT wear safety gear! You must always wear the proper gear based on the job site requirements. Every new employee should also have training on all the required gear per job.

Here are just some of the protective gear you and or your team should be wearing on the job. The list is not limited to this!

  • Eye protection
  • Gloves
  • Hard hats
  • Harnesses for fall protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Masks
  • Respiratory protection
  • Safety glasses
  • Safety Vests
  • Steel-toe boots

4- Take Breaks and Eat

It’s not an option to skip a break or meal. Sure, you may want to get the job done or, you may want overtime, but that’s a huge risk to your health. Fatigue and hunger can indeed contribute to accidents. If 

5- Know Your Fall Protocols

Considering falls are one of the “Fatal Four” causes of accidents as noted by OSHA,(and a common workplace accident) it is absolutely imperative that you and your coworkers/ or employees know and have:

  • Education and training on how to prevent falls
  • Proper fall protection equipment
  • Awareness and deep knowledge on all fall protocols on site

6- Display Proper Signage

Construction sites must have all the proper signage to warn employees of potential danger on the job.

Using signs, ropes, cones, flags and any other tools to help section off problem areas or notify workers of what they need to know is a must on each and every construction site!

7- Conduct Daily Inspections

Never assume that everything is “ok” on a job site without doing daily inspections on site. These inspections should cover any new potential hazards that popped up from the day before, as well as previous dangers and any issues that must be dealt with right away.

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Safety First

Along with these safety protocols, it is key that every employee have proper job training before starting work on site. It is also imperative that all employees store all equipment properly at the end of each day to help keep equipment in safe and working order.

Despite all good intentions and procedures, accidents can and do happen. And when they do, it is crucial that you trust an accident or personal injury lawyer for help with such a stressful situation. From filing claims to getting the best care and compensation possible, a personal injury lawyer can help you get through dealing with a construction accident. Never go through an accident alone; you will be grateful you counted on an expert to help you if you find yourself the victim of an accident at any point on the job.

What Should You Do If You Are Injured on a Building Construction Site?

Workers’ compensation insurance covers most construction site accidents. However, some accidents on a construction site might also result in an injury claim against a third party. Product liability claims, premises liability claims, and general negligence claims might also apply. After seeking medical attention for your injuries, contact an attorney to discuss your legal rights and options for seeking compensation for your injuries. 

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