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7 Signs It’s Time To Get A Divorce

Sharon Brandwein
January 30, 2021

“Happily ever after” is a myth we were all led to believe, but the truth is, there’s really no such thing. 

Anyone who’s been married for a while can tell you that marriage takes a lot of work. In addition to love, marriage requires empathy, communication, trust, and patience—lots and lots of patience. But as time ticks by, communication can start to break down, and your reserves of empathy and patience can begin to run low. If you’re weighing your options and getting a divorce looks like the best option, it may make you feel better to know that 50% of all marriages end in divorce

Of course, the decision to get a divorce is a highly personal one, and not to be taken lightly. Confusion and doubt are just par for the course. Throw kids, finances, and the fear of looking like a failure into the mix, and the situation becomes even murkier. No doubt there’s a lot to consider. If you’re not sure whether to throw in the towel, here are seven signs that it’s time to get a divorce.

Communication Issues

Communication is crucial for any happy marriage, and statistically speaking, poor communication is cited as the number one reason for most divorces. The ability to be open, honest, and vulnerable with your spouse is an essential part of any relationship. But when communication begins to break down, your marriage could be headed for trouble.

Lack Of Intimacy

While intimacy will always ebb and flow in the course of any marriage, a lack of intimacy for prolonged periods could spell something bigger on the horizon. Moreover, when the lack of intimacy is the elephant in the room and you don’t make a concerted effort to talk about it or fix it, that’s a sure sign that it might be time to call it quits.


While infidelity is a common cause of divorce, the truth is sometimes it can be healed (with professional help), so it’s not always a deal-breaker. However, if your partner refuses to cut ties with the person they’re having an affair with or there is serial infidelity, that could force your hand.

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Constant Fighting

Every married couple fights and the truth is fighting is normal and healthy. However, fighting becomes terribly problematic when it happens too often and with no resolution. If you and your spouse are constantly at each other’s throats, hurling insults, and getting nowhere, it may be time to call it..

You’ve Given Up On Fighting

Believe it or not, fighting with your spouse is a sign that there is still some emotion there. In other words, you care enough to fight. When you or your spouse give up on fighting, silence and avoidance will only compound the problem. When you’re no longer willing to expend the energy to fight, it’s a sure sign that you’ve given up, and maybe parting ways would be the best for everyone.

Lack Of Respect

Mutual respect is the basis of any healthy relationship. However, when that dynamic changes and one spouse feels disrespected or dismissed, things will only continue to unravel from there. Over time this can lead to contempt, resentment, and toxicity. And once a relationship hits that point, it’s incredibly difficult to come back from.

Your Spouse Is No Longer Your Go-To Person

In most marriages, our spouses are the people who bear witness to our lives. They are privy to every detail, no matter how big or how small. When you lose the desire to share your triumphs or grief with your partner, it may be time to let go.

Divorce is a big decision and it's not something that should be made lightly. It's important to speak to a lawyer as well to understand all your options before beginning.

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