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6 Steps to Take After A Truck Accident

Laura Lifshitz
October 15, 2020

As millions of trucks hit the road every day, providing for America, it’s not surprising then that you might get involved in a truck accident.

In fact, in some states even an SUV driver may be considered a truck where in others, it is classified as a car.  But due to the fact that many trucks are considered commercial vehicles, this can really complicate matters when there’s a truck accident because the driver may not even be considered legally responsible.

Not to mention that due to a truck’s sheer size, accidents involving trucks can be more destructive, causing death or serious injury rather than minor bumps and bruises. So, if you happen to be involved in a truck accident, it’s key that you take the correct steps in order to protect yourself and have things go more smoothly. Thinking clearly and being informed is the single most preventative measure you can take from preventing a serious truck accident aftermath.

Truck Accident Steps

1. Don’t Admit Fault—No Matter What

Obviously you want to be polite and kind to the other person/people involved in a truck accident, but you should never admit outward blame. Why? Because saying sorry or worse, “It’s my fault” can be held against you later on, legally. As hard as it can be to stay calm when you’ve been in an accident, the best thing you can do for yourself is stay calm and don’t point the finger at yourself! There’s a good chance you will need an attorney, so let him or her handle who’s at fault—or not, not you.

 2. Get a Medical Evaluation—Even if You Feel Fine

As mentioned before, trucks are large and powerful vehicles and truck accidents often come with consequences to one’s health. Make sure you assess your own health, as well as others if you’re able. Whether you’re bleeding profusely or can’t find a single bump on yourself, call for medical assistance asap. Let these medical personnel be the judge of whether or not there may be visible or invisible injuries, like back or neck pain. You don’t want to skip out on a medical evaluation and then later on, suffer pains you didn’t predict or worse, have medical issues and then, be unable to show medical records in court for the day of your accident.

3. Be Smart—Hire a Lawyer

While it may not be a ton of fun, hiring a lawyer is one of the smartest and most sound decisions you will make when you’ve been involved in a truck accident.

And when do you call an attorney? As soon as possible! Some states have a statute of limitations which will prevent you from filing for personal injury or property damage if you wait too long. This is why finding a top accident attorney is so crucial after being involved in a trucking accident.

Consider your truck accident attorney your new BFF. The lawyer will deal with everything from speaking to your insurance company, to dealing with any compensations. Never, ever, ever agree to anything or give any legal statements without first asking your attorney what you should do or say.

No matter how good you are with paperwork or experienced with accidents, an accident attorney will make filing an insurance claim much easier, as well as help you get the most compensation you possibly deserve from this unfortunate situation.

4. Take Down The Other’s Drivers Information in Writing

Don’t let the other party walk away without getting the following crucial bits of information down in writing:

·        The party’s name

·        The party’s phone number

·        The party’s address

·        The party’s insurance information

·        The other party’s company name IF the person is driving a commercial truck

5. Look For Any Evidence

Be sharp: look around for any possible bit of evidence. Take photos of any damage to your vehicle, note the type of truck involved in the accident, and write down license plate information. While an attorney will do the job of gathering evidence, this will only help your case down the line, especially if it ends up in court.

Keep in mind that the more prepared you are, the better it can serve you down the line. Your attorney may end up asking for compensation for a variety of things like, medical bills, therapy, time off from work, destroyed property, etc. Every bit of evidence counts!

6. Point Out Any Potential Witnesses

Are there any witnesses who saw the accident? If yes, make sure you get these individual/s contact information: name, phone number, etc. Of course, if law enforcement gets involved, they’ll identify any witnesses and get all the information your attorney will need, but if there are no police on the scene, take action and get that precious information. A witness could really make or break the case for you.

The bottom line is that truck accidents will unfortunately happen, but when you stay calm and take the right steps you can prevent yourself a lot of heartache and stress. These few moments after an accident, while so stressful, are really key moments to take the best steps to protect yourself, financially, physically and mentally.

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We are here to help you and loved ones advocate for justice. Feel free to send us any questions you might have, either about an injury or the process for pursuing justice so we can help you exercise your rights.

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