Make A Difference Scholarship


We are proud to award $6,000 to individuals, whose lives have been impacted by cancer, to help support their financial needs in seeking to further their education.

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All 3 Scholarships Are For The 2021 Academic Year







Making a difference in the lives of women with ovarian cancer and their families.

At Select Justice, it is in our DNA to educate and empower people. Building communities and helping victims and their families is at the heart of Select Justice’s mission.

We connect and speak with women who are fighting ovarian cancer every day. It is their stories, that drive and motivate the Select Justice team to help them pursue a brighter future.

Our new Scholarship Program is an opportunity for women and those affected by ovarian cancer to have renewed opportunities and receive a financial reward that helps advance them in their next steps.

We are proud to support, educate and empower women and their families to learn and understand their rights around illnesses and injuries caused by harmful products in the market.


How to Apply for the Scholarship

Write a short essay that is based on the following three questions and fill in the application form at the bottom of the page.

Your Experience

How has your experience with cancer impacted your values and career goals?

Your Goals

What do you hope to pursue and achieve with your education?

Your Reasons

Why is raising awareness and educating the public on research and scientific studies so important?

Submission essays should be between 300 – 500 words. Use the submission form to upload

your document in a Word or PDF file.

The Clearity Foundation

Select Justice is a proud partner of The Clearity Foundation and supports their mission to improve the survival and quality of life of women with ovarian cancer by providing science-based treatment, decision support and psychosocial counseling.


“Empowering women and families impacted by ovarian cancer is at the heart of Clearity’s mission. Our experience supporting the ovarian cancer community shows that education is an important source of hope for those on a difficult journey. We applaud the launch of the Make a Difference Scholarship to support the educational ambitions of people impacted by ovarian cancer,”

Hillary Theakston, Executive Director of The Clearity Foundation

Who Can Apply for the Scholarship?

To participate in the scholarship program you must be 18 years or older. In addition you must have been directly affected by Ovarian Cancer (either having it yourself or a close family member that had Ovarian Cancer). All essays will be reviewed by an expert panel and winners will be announced in December, 2020 

Select Justice

Connecting. Empowering. Advocating

Select Justice supports research and community programs to make an impact and provide the resources to help people make the right decisions for themselves and their families. 

Select Justice is not a legal firm.  We are a resource for educating and connecting people with the proper and appropriate professionals they need.

The Clearity Foundation

The Clearity Foundation
Clearity is dedicated to improving survival and quality of life of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer by providing science-based treatment decision support and psychosocial counseling.  Founded as a not-for-profit organization in 2008 by a scientist, entrepreneur and ovarian cancer survivor, Clearity’s team of experienced scientists and mental health professionals have been pioneers in providing data-driven, personalized support for ovarian cancer patients. Clearity’s services are provided free of charge with the belief that every patient should have access to the most advanced support, personalized for them, regardless of their ability to pay. Visit

Terms and Conditions

  • To qualify for the 2020 scholarship, all three essay answers must be submitted by December 1st, 2020.
  • Submissions must be sent in with the valid email address of the author.
  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of the United States and at least 18 years old.
  • The essay must fit the criteria of the topics outlined above.
  • Select Justice has the rights to the submitted content.
  • All personal information is protected by our Privacy Policy.

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