J & J Talcum Powder Lawsuit

Instead of providing comfort, J&J’s Baby Powder may have caused ovarian cancer

Quick Facts

  • Biggest Award: $4.69 billion divided by 22 women and their families
  • Number of Cases: More than 17,000 claimants as of March 2020
  • Baby Powder Introduction Date: 1894
  • Intended Use: Preventing diaper rash, excess moisture and reducing feminine odor.
  • Side-Effects: Ovarian cancer and mesothelioma

What You Need to Know

What Is The Talcum Powder Case All About?: 

For over a century many women have been using Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder containing talc on a regular basis for hygiene reasons. J&J have known for years that there may be a link between talcum powder and asbestos which has been found to cause cancer, but they chose to hide this information from consumers. Those affected users of J&J Baby Powder are entitled to justice and compensation for their cancer diagnosis.

Who Was Impacted By J&J?: Women with ovarian cancer or mesothelioma who have used J&J Baby Powder containing talc for personal hygiene reasons without any warning that it may contain asbestos. These sufferers can now exercise their rights and seek justice against the talcum powder manufacturers.

When Was Talc Discovered To Cause Cancer?: It has been reported that Johnson & Johnson talcum powder tested positive for asbestos numerous times between 1971-2003. J&J purposefully hid this information from consumers and the data only came out in 2018 when courts discovered internal memos. 

Why Does J&J Baby Powder Cause Cancer?: Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder contains the chemical compound talc and since 1971 they have known that their talc contains trace amounts of asbestos. Asbestos is a known carcinogen (cancer causing chemical) and regular exposure to the skin or inhaling through the lungs can cause cancer. Those users suffering from ovarian cancer or mesothelioma are eligible to seek justice and financial compensation.

How To Fight Back Against J&J: To see if you or a loved one qualify to fight against the injustice of a cancer diagnosis due to Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder exposure, start by taking a free evaluation to check eligibility for compensation.

You Are Not Alone

How Many People Are Affected By This Dangerous Talcum Powder?

The number of women impacted by talcum powder is still unknown given that the product remains available on store shelves. Company documents unveiled in 2017 revealed that Johnson & Johnson executives were aware of the asbestos contamination risks as far back as the 1970s and how the company could be responsible for withholding information. 

Accordingly, it stands to reason that the company might have injured many thousands if not millions of users. Already, women who could prove their link between cancer and talc use have banded together to take up the fight against Johnson & Johnson. Women under the age of 80 that have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer after a history of using talcum powder can take steps towards pursuing justice against the company for their wrongdoing and misleading information. 

How Have Affected Individuals Fought Back?

Johnson & Johnson has dropped a few hints about its knowledge of talcum powder’s side effects and possible contamination in courts for several decades. After a recent investigation, the company was forced to recall 33,000 bottles of baby powder due to asbestos contamination in 2019 despite knowing about the possibility of contamination for decades. 

There is a statistically proven link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer rates. At present, there are more than 15,000 cases pending against the company arguing that frequent talcum powder use was the cause of ovarian cancer among women. Many more women are now actively building cases against the company to pursue justice for the injuries and harm caused by talcum powder use.

What Has Been The Biggest Victory Against Johnson & Johnson?

The biggest single victory against Johnson & Johnson to date was awarded by a Mississippi Jury to 22 female plaintiffs and their families. After hearing the case, the jury awarded $4.69 billion in punitive and compensatory damages to the victims by finding Johnson & Johnson responsible for failing to warn users about the risks associated with repeated and habitual use of talcum powder near the genital region.

Even though Johnson & Johnson is challenging the Mississippi verdict, thousands of other similar cases are now pending against the company as victims of the company’s failures to warn about the dangers and harmful side-effects of frequent talcum powder use gain momentum.

How Can I Join The Lawsuit

If you or a loved one are under the age of 80 and were diagnosed with ovarian cancer after 2005 follow these steps to see if you are able to join the fight and receive compensation from Johnson and Johson
  1. Take this free evaluation to determine eligibility
  2. If eligible, gather and collect relevant paperwork including:
    • Health and medical records
    • Records of talcum powder use and purchases
    • Any relevant testimony from peers and family members
  3. After qualifying, a Select Justice team member will call to collect some more detailed information. The team member will be able to point you in the right direction and explain follow up actions. You will be asked to review all your relevant documents with the specific details and information related to your injury and you will be referred to a capable legal team that can help you pursue justice.
  4. If you choose to join legal action a contingency agreement to join a lawsuit will be sent to you to review and sign and you will then begin working with a lawyer who will be dedicated to your case and bringing justice.

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