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Beat DUI Charges And Avoid Criminal Conviction

Arizona has tough penalties for DUI, and if charged you only have 15 days to request a hearing before a license's suspension.

You need an experienced lawyer to get your DUI charges dropped or reduced and avoid jail

We provide you with critical information about your legal rights and the next steps for all types of DUI charges

Our legal network has helped thousands of drivers who’ve been charged with a DUI in Arizona

High DUI dismissal rate, also includes second and third offense DUI cases

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 Experienced DUI lawyer can help build your case from these points:

The Stop

How and why you were stopped by the police is the most important aspect of your case. A lawyer can obtain and review the police report. If a lawyer finds the police did not have a “reasonable and articulable” basis for stopping you all evidence gathered may be able to be suppressed and there would be no case at all.

 The Field Sobriety Test

All good DUI defense lawyers will investigate how your field sobriety tests were given to you. Strict procedures must be followed and in our experience there have been many DUI cases that were dropped based on how these tests were conducted.

Breathalyzer and Blood Testing

Usually the most complex aspect of a DUI case involves the evaluation of both breath and blood tests. There are many factors that can influence the admissibility and accuracy of these tests and the outcome of this evaluation will have a major impact on the strength of your defense. 

If you have been charged with a DUI you need lawyers that are experienced with these testing methods as they will be able to point out the slightest details that can help you


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